Can I renew my expired license if I still work in healthcare?

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asked in Registry by Sandra M.
I had a Georgia CNA license that has been expired for several years now but I graduated and worked as a certified occupational therapy assistant in a geriatric rehab setting for the past 5 years. My daily work included similar duties to those of a CNA including bathing, dressing, vitals, oral and hair care, toileting, transfers, mobility, and safety. My current profession involves these tasks. I was told that I could contest or prove my patient care skills and renew my license without having to take the CNA course all over again.

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answered by Tina B.
In Georgia, certified nursing aides must renew their certification every two years. You can renew during this period by submitting a completed renewal application which verifies that you provided eight (8) hours of nursing related services for pay under the supervision of a nurse during the two-year span in which your certification was active.

If lapsed under three years without work verification, then you must retake and pass the state written/oral and skills competency examination to update your status on the registry. If lapsed over three years, then you must complete another state approved nurse aide training program and pass the state written/oral and skills competency examination.

You may call (678) 527-3010 or (800) 414-4358 to obtain further information or to check that this information applies to your situation.