How do I update my name on the Missouri CNA Registry?

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asked in Registry by Elicia C.
I am interested in figuring out how to get a new CNA license with my married name on it. Also I need info on how to get the ID card I got along with my license. I hit a dead wall with the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services. The number they gave me to Missouri Health Care Associates isn’t the right number and I can’t seem to find the right one.

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answered by Michelle Q.

The current phone number for Missouri Health Care Associates is 573.893.2060 and you can also try to contact them online.

In order for your name or address to be updated on the registry you have to submit clear copies of your social security card with your current name and one other document such as an updated driver's license, and/or marriage or divorce decree verifying the name change along with your current mailing address. These documents may be faxed to Health Education Unit at 573.526.7656 or mailed to DHSS, Attn: Health Education Unit, PO Box 570, Jefferson City, MO 65102.

If your last name has changed or your certificate has the wrong social security number on it, you can get a new certificate with your current name or SSN on it by contacting the certifying association that issued your certificate. You should also contact the association that issued your certificate if you have lost your CNA, CMT, LIMA or Insulin Administration card and need to get a copy. If you do not know which certifying association issued your certificate you may call the Health Education Unit at 573.526.5686 or go to the CNA Registry Search page and find out which certifying association printed your certificate.