How do I change my name and address on the PA CNA registry?

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answered by Velma Lewis
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If you change your address or your name any time after you are placed on the registry, you must inform the Pennsylvania Nurse Aide Registry to keep your enrollment information up-to-date. You should use the change of address or name form which is available here.

If you changed your name, you must submit written documentation along with a change of address or name form. This documentation may be a copy of a marriage certificate, a divorce decree, or another official document. You may also use the form to correct your Social Security number listed on the registry.

If you can't access the correction form, you may send a letter to the Pennsylvania Department of Health informing them of your old name or address, your new name or address, your social security number, and your telephone number. There is no charge for this service. If you want your registry card to have your new name, you must contact Pearson VUE at 800-852-0518.

Please note that under federal requirements, enrollment is no longer valid for any individual who has had a lapse of 24 consecutive months or more in the performance of paid nursing-related services. It is critical to update your employment history on the nurse aide registry. You will receive notification at the home address listed on the registry regarding continued enrollment. Failure to inform the registry may jeopardize your enrollment status.