What form do I use to change my address for WV?

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answered by Emily Fechtler
If you change your address or your name for any reason you are required to notify the West Virginia Nurse Aide Registry, however, I was unable to locate a printable form for you. You may contact the WV registry at (304) 558-0050.
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answered by KJohnsHoll323

West Virginia's nurse aide registry does not provide a form for changing your address. As the previous commenter stated, one contacts the West Virginia Nurse Aide Registry either by phone or email to inform of the update. Or updates are made when renewal applications are processed. When contacting them by email or phone, the changes can be accepted through the message or conversation. Documentation verifying the change will not be necessary.

I should add that the WV nurse aide program no longer sends applications, reminders, renewal information, etc. by mail anymore. So nothing should be lost between changing addresses. Maintaining your WV registration is the nurse aide's own responsibility and the mailings were only a courtesy. Nurse aides in the state now renew their certification or find a physical copy for it through our website: https://ohflac.wvdhhr.org/Programs/NA.html .

The registration renewal application can be completed and submitted online; faxing or mailing it is not necessary. Using a laptop or desktop and Google Chrome or Firefox web browsers are recommended. Doing the application with cell phones or other devices often causes problems.

The nurse aide verification tool is how one finds a copy of their license/verification/certificate. The nurse aide types in either their first and last name or their West Virginia registration number into the appropriate boxes and hits search. This document will show the city, state, and employment info that is currently on record for you. If a physical copy is needed, printing it is recommended.