Can I get my CNA license back if I lost it due to a complaint?

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asked in Registry by Rebecca J.
I lost my West Virginia CNA license in 2009 due to a complaint brought on by another CNA. I was told it was just for a while and I am wondering if enough time has passed.

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answered by Abby Langlois
You didn't give us enough information for a definitive answer. I believe that in the case of a finding of neglect only, a nurse aide may petition the state to remove the finding after the finding has been entered on the registry for one full year. If I remember correctly, you may file a petition to have it removed from your record on the registry, if the finding of neglect was a singular occurrence and your employment and personal history does not reflect a pattern of abusive behavior or neglect.

The WV registry will remove entries for individuals who have performed no nurse aide duties or nursing related services for a period of 24 consecutive months, unless the individual’s registry entry includes documented findings of abuse, neglect, or misappropriation of property.

You should contact your state registry to ask if it is possible to remove the finding at this time. You can find links to all state nurse aide registries and their contact information by using the menus on this page.
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answered by KJohnsHoll323

I work in the WV NAP and here's my insight:

When our office receives complaints and allegations, a program manager reviews the information and determines if the incident should be investigated further. If so, a surveyor will contact you via email or phone to attain your side of the situation. This process is definitely not immediate or overnight; it may take months at best if they wish to reach out to you

The complaint/allegation does not necessarily show up on your registration; you're in good standing until findings have been determined. 

Now, if it was found to be abuse, the placement is permanent. All you can do at that point is seek legal counsel and you're unable to work in certain facilities. If it was found as neglect, you can be removed after one calendar year. To be removed, you need to submit a request via email to .(Registrations are the nurse aide's responsibility in WV) It doesn't have to be much than saying something to the effect of you want your neglect placement removed, but also include your WV registration number and/or your full social security number so we know who's record to pull up. Again, this may not be an immediate/overnight process, maybe a month at best, and it cannot be expedited, but that is where you start if this relates to your situation.  

You are welcome to contact our office to be sure but please be patient for our return response. if we don't pick right up/respond right away, our limited staff may be on another call, away from our desk, having technical difficulties, or completing another task but we will answer or respond to your message at our soonest convenience.  You may find our contact info here: