How do I transfer my CNA license from New York to Virginia?

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asked in License by Tanisha L.
I have been trying to find out how much does it cost or if it costs anything to take my New York state CNA certification down to Virginia with me and how should I go about transferring my CNA license?

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answered by Patty White

The state of Virginia does not require a fee for certified nursing assistants applying for endorsement. The state of New York might ask for a fee to verify your certification status and report it to the Virginia Nurse Aide Registry. Certification by endorsement is only available for initial certification in Virginia. If you have previously been certified by this state, you must submit a reinstatement application.

In order to work as a nurse aide in Virginia you must become certified in this state. Since you already have a CNA license in New York, all you need to do is apply for endorsement of your certification in Virginia. To endorse your New York certification to Virginia you need to complete the online application for licensure in Virginia and pay the required fee. During the online application process, you may be required to submit additional forms depending on your answer to certain questions. You will be given another opportunity at the conclusion of the application process to download any additional forms and instructions.