How do I transfer my CNA license to Virginia?

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asked in License by Michelle F.
I got my CNA certification in 2007 and I recently moved here from NY. I am looking to become certified in Virginia. If you are able to give me any information I would greatly appreciate it.

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answered by Becky Morris

Nurse aides certified in other states may apply for certification by endorsement in Virginia. Certification by endorsement is only available for initial certification in Virginia. If you have previously been certified by this state, you must submit a reinstatement application instead. Instructions and the application for CNA certification by endorsement are available online. The State of Virginia does not require a fee for this process. In order to be eligible for endorsement, you must have:

  1. taken a state-approved nurse aide education program, and
  2. passed a state competency test in accordance with federal requirements which were promulgated following the 1987 OBRA legislation and which became effective in most states after July 1, 1989, and
  3. your certification must be in good standing in all states where you have become certified, and
  4. your certification must be current in at least one of the states in which you hold certification.

During the online application process, you may be required to submit additional forms or documents depending on your answer to certain questions. You will be given an opportunity at the conclusion of the application process to download any additional forms and instructions.

Individuals who have received initial certification from a non-high school, adult education or community college in North Carolina or Florida must check to see if your program has been approved by the appropriate state agency in those states as many of the nursing-home or proprietary programs are not on that state’s list of approved programs.

Applicants who have had initial certification in Maryland or California must show a certification date after May 1992 as that is the date when the required nurse aide competency test that met federal requirements was implemented in these states.

Your application cannot be reviewed by the Virginia Nurse Aide Registry until you complete it online and submit it. It can take 30 days to process your application and if something is missing or you do not meet the eligibility requirements for endorsement, you will be notified by mail. If your application is approved and you become certified, you should receive through the mail to the address of record, a certificate to practice as a certified nurse aide.