How do I transfer my CNA license to Montana?

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asked in License by Molly Zeller
I live in Arizona and am planning to move to Billings, Montana.

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answered by Amanda

In Montana, CNAs and HHAs are certified, not licensed. A nurse aide in good standing and currently certified in another state can transfer his or her certification to Montana by completing an interstate transfer application. The interstate endorsement application can be completed online or printed and mailed to the Montana Nurse Aide Registry. Interstate endorsement is a process that allows you to become a Certified Nursing Assistant in Montana, as long as you are a CNA in good standing in any other state and your certification is not expired or lapsed. Montana charges no fees for this process. Here is what you need to do to have your certification transferred from Arizona to Montana:

  1. Complete the nurse aide interstate endorsement registry application and submit it to the Montana Nurse Aide Registry. The transfer form can be printed and mailed or accessed online through QAD Online Licensing and Certification using ePass. There are instructions available with ePass if you need help in that system. You will need to submit copies of your certificates from all other states if you have them. The ability to add an attachment to your online application is currently down but you can email, fax, or mail them to the Nurse Aide Registry.
  2. After you submit the application and required documents you will have to wait until your information is verified before you are placed on the registry. The Nurse Aide Registry needs to confirm that the answers you have given are true, current, and complete. You are putting your CNA status in jeopardy if they determine that the information you provided is not accurate.
  3. Once it is determined that you qualify for certification in Montana, your name will be placed on the Nurse Aide Registry. Please note that the registry does not send out any notification when they do this. A certificate was mailed to you in the past but now it is your responsibility to check and print your verification from their website. You should contact the registry if it has been 15 or more working days since you completed the application and you cannot find your information online.

You may work in Montana as a nursing assistant for 30 days while you are applying for interstate endorsement if your employer verifies that you are current and in good standing in another state. If you have additional questions or need assistance completing the form, please call the Montana Nurse Aide Registry at 406-444-4980 or contact them through their website.