How do I change my name on the Massachusetts CNA Registry?

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asked in Registry by Ashley O.

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answered by Janet M.

If you changed your name let the Massachusetts Nurse Aide Registry know and apply to obtain a new certificate reflecting your new name. In order to change your personal information on the registry you have to mail a completed form to the American Red Cross Testing Office along with any required supporting document and fee. If you have changed your social security number you must submit a copy of your old and new social security cards, along with this completed change of information application. If you would like a certificate printed with your new information you must include a money order as instructed in the application.

To have your name updated on the registry at renewal time, a nurse aide must send a legal name change document along with a renewal application. You do not need to complete an additional change of information form and there is no charge to change your name at the time of your renewal. One of the following documents represents an acceptable proof of name change for the registry: marriage license, divorce decree, or petition from the court.