How do you transfer a NAR license from Wisconsin to Minnesota?

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asked in License by Wendy S.
I have a nursing assistant employee who is thinking about moving to Minnesota but is unsure about how to go about transferring her NAR license from Wisconsin to Minnesota.

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answered by Erin F.

To transfer an out-of-state license to the Minnesota Nursing Assistant Registry, the CNA needs to complete an interstate endorsement application. Form instructions must be followed carefully. Incomplete forms will delay the transfer and will be returned. When the forms are received from the Wisconsin Nurse Aide Registry and the present or past employer in the other state, and after all information is verified to be correct, his or her name will be put on the Minnesota Nursing Assistant Registry and he or she will be notified by mail.

It takes at least 30 days to process the application once it is received. If additional help is needed to complete the forms or if the CNA has further questions, he or she may contact the Minnesota Nursing Assistant Registry at 651.215.8705 or at 800.397.6124.